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Data Processor, Cartographer, Surveyor, Cad Operator, EIVA, Autochart

EIVA Naviedit, NAVIMODEL, Visualsoft, Qinsy
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Subsea Charts Alessandro Devic

Subsea Charts – About me:
Senior Data Processor and Cartographer

Alessandro Devic, experienced senior data processor and cartographer with 15 years of proven history of working in the oil&gas industry.

I offer offshore and office data processing services with a focus on multibeam interpretation/processing, cartography, computer aided drafting, data collection geographic, information systems, data processing, data management, and field operations services.

Subsea Charts – What I do:
Data Processor, Cartoghrapher, EIVA, Autochart

Interpretation of seabed and sub-seabed data for project planning and execution with the aim of industry specific software’s like EIVA Naviedit, Model, Visualsoft, Qinsy, AutoChart, InChart, ArcMAP, QGIS.

Over the years I worked on various projects which include: Pre-Construction Survey, Pre-lay Survey, As Laid & As Built Survey, pre-post trenching surveys Out of Strainghtness , Pipeline Surveys.

Offline inspections using VisualSoft, Pipeline inspection and eventing. I will provide detail-oriented support of bathymetric data processing management and make sure all cartographic deliverables meet the client requirements and are at the leading edge of industry standards.

My Deliverables:

From data analysis: hydrographic, topographic , geotechnical , geophysical, engineering, environmental surveys of multibeam, pipetracker, sidescan sonar data, to the creation of the following industry standard products:

  • DTM (.xyz) files as per client request bin size.
  • Pipe digitization.
  • Charts as alignment sheets or site survey ( DWG, PDF ).
  • 5/8 point listings for pipeline surveys, delivered in professional Excel presentations.
  • Events listing.
  • Multibeam Calibration.
  • Backscatter and water column processing for plume detection.
  • SSDM: handling of metadata for feature classes of survey deliverables (trackplots, isopaches, soundings, contours, samplings) embed the metadata in the client’s ESRI geodatabase using GIS.

Creation of the base chart: example

#1 Horizontal

  • Local and geographical grid.
  • As-built position of the pipeline.
  • As-Found position of the pipeline with KP at 500m intervals.
  • Bathymetric contours.
  • Political boundaries, man-made.

#2 Vertical Profile

  • Horizontal scale 1:4000 vertical scale 1:200.
  • KP grid lines at 500 m intervals, depth grid lines at 5m interval.
  • As-built longitudinal profile of the pipeline, inner and outer seabed profile.
  • As-found longitudinal profile of the pipeline.
  • As-Found position of the pipeline with KP at 500m intervals.
  • Bathymetric contours.
  • Political boundaries, man-made features.

#3 Events along the route

  • Product specs.
  • Anodes.
  • Debries&damages.
  • Crossings.
  • Geological features.
  • Freespans and burials.
  • Trenches.
  • Rockdumps.

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